Rex Potam: A Journey Through Song and Symphony

With a voice seasoned by nearly four decades of singing, Rex Potam embarked on a new creative chapter in 2016. Though professional circumstances led him to step away from the choir, his passion for music found a fresh outlet in composition.

Rex is a self-taught singer-songwriter, drawn to crafting music that paints vivid sonic landscapes. His style seamlessly blends classic influences with an acoustic sensibility, evident both in his solo songwriting and collaborations with other artists.

But Rex’s musical spectrum extends far beyond the realm of song. He delves into the world of classical composition, creating pieces that resonate with the richness and depth of the tradition. Whether composing for piano, tackling ambitious projects like concertos and symphonies, or even venturing into the sacred grandeur of a Requiem mass, his versatility shines through.

This dual identity – singer-songwriter and classical composer – defines Rex’s artistic journey. He finds inspiration in the emotional intimacy of lyrics and the grand narratives of symphonic storytelling. His commitment to tonality ensures his music remains accessible and emotionally engaging, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

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Who am I?

Rex Potam is Cyril Adrian’s pen name.


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