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Serenade n.1 for melodica

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Serenade n.1 for melodica in C minor

The melodica is accompanied by the piano.

Music: Rex Potam
Full score | Soloist score

ISRC FR-9W1-23-70376

This Serenade was composed in the fall of 2023, while I was getting acquainted to the melodica and was learning to play it. My aim was to have a piece large enough with a piano accompaniment.

Its structure is based on a dance suite, modernized.

The first movement, written in a sonata form, is built on two contrasting themes: one is calm while the other is more lively. It replaces what would have been an Allemande in olden times.

The second movement, sprightly and loud, is my own interpretation of the Courante.

The third movement, slow and quiet, follows the Sarabande structure.

The fourth movement, very danceable, is a Gavotte, with e Musette as a trio.

The fifth movement is a rondo. The three “stanzas” are successively a Pavane, a Bourrée, and a Passepied. The “chorus” uses a harmony grid similar the the second theme of the first movement, albeit with a few variations.

I – adagio, allegro
ISRC FR-9W1-23-70916
II – vivace
ISRC FR-9W1-23-70917
III – lento
ISRC FR-9W1-23-70918
IV – allegretto
ISRC FR-9W1-23-70919
V – allegro, andante, etc.
ISRC FR-9W1-23-70920
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Rex Potam
Rex Potam
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