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Eugène, a movie written and conducted by Laurent Garnier, author, actor, and director..

Music : Rex Potam


The titles are in French, I keep them not translated since the movie is in French. English translations are given in parentheses.

1. Entrée (Intro)

2. Un grand projet (A big project)

3. Éclats de vie (Life shards)

4. Éléonore (Eleonora)

5. Louis a un plan (Louis has a plan)

6. Jours fanés (Withered days)

7. Questions (Questions)

8. Humanité (Humanity)

9. Vie en éclats (Shattered life)

10. Sang froid, sang chaud (Cold blood, hot blood)

11. Échec (Failure)

12. Marcus, un chemin tracé (Marcus, a drawn path)

13. Sortie (Outro)

14. Épilogue (Aftermath)

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Rex Potam
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