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My Mount and I

 ·  ☕ 1 min read

July 2023 competition

Music: Rex Potam

ISRC FR-9W1-23-70923

TerraCanyon, David Frasheski

For this music, I used an old slightly worn piano (Pianoteq,
D. Schoffstoss) and a Melodica bought for the occasion.

Two instruments: my sturdy mount and me… Which do you think is which?

The melody seed is a variation of a well-known western movie tune.

The first part is in Am, the last part is in Em — dominant for the
openness, but kept minor for the ambiance: end of day, end of an
adventure, what comes next?

The piece finishes on a last twist: I could have used a Picardy third,
but also added the 7th for an extra openness effect. My mount and I
are about to run into the next adventure…

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Rex Potam
Rex Potam
Composer, Singer, Songwriter