Barring a better term, this section gathers pieces that use contemporary analog instruments such as electric guitars, basses, drum kits, electric pianos…

Maggie's Still At The Top Of The Hill
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Lightning Scream Lyrics talks about that music:

1970 February saw the release of The Doors’ album, Morrison Hotel. The last title of that album is devoted to Maggie M’Gill, a young women led to prostitution at her father’s demise. She reaches Tangy Town, a fictitious town with a “people who really like to get it on” reputation.
Fifty years later, as a tribute to The Doors and this song, we chose to imagine what Maggie had become. Thus Maggie’s Still At The Top Of The Hill was born, as rough as her roots.

THe music is as curt as Maggie, intentionally short and intense.

A big shout out to Lightning Scream Lyrics who offered this collaboration, and to SFYS for the splendid guitar intro!

Les Corons
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Lyrics: Jean-Pierre Lang | Music: Pierre Bachelet | Adaptation: Rex Potam

ISRC FR-9W1-21-53055

S.O.S. d'un terrien en détresse
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Lyrics: Luc Plamondon, music: Michel Berger | Adaptation: Rex Potam

ISRC FR-9W1-21-53063

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Lyrics and music: Rex Potam

Phileas Fogg
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Lyrics and music: Guido & Maurizio de Angelis | Adaptation: Rex Potam

ISRC FR-9W1-20-45576

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Lyrics and music: Jacques Higelin | Adaptation: Rex Potam

ISRC FR-9W1-19-37529