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Paroles et musique : Rex Potam

ISRC FR-9W1-21-52919

Version karaoke :

I open my eyes unto a new day
What is that song that floats in my ear?
Too late, the images wither away
I am awake, what did you say my dear?

I have to get up and dress (ESCAPE)
To get to work — no stress (ESCAPE)
A shower, a coffee, let’s (ESCAPE)
Drive downtown to success (ESCAPE)

I open my eyes again in the lift
A suitcase, a laptop, work adrift
Too late, this report was due yesterday
I am drowning, what will you say my dear?

I have to work up to stress (ESCAPE)
To get a life — no less (ESCAPE)
A coffee, a whiskey, let’s (ESCAPE)
Take some more just in case (ESCAPE)

I open my eyes, blinded by the light
A blue mask, worried eyes, can’t hear you
Too late, sirens scream, I’m losing that fight
I am going, I’ll wait for you my dear

I have no worries nor stress (ESCAPE)
I float away to rest (ESCAPE)
I leave you, I love you, let’s (ESCAPE)
Meet some day in Heaven (ESCAPE)


Rex Potam
Rex Potam
Auteur, Compositeur, Interprète